Friday, 29 January 2010

ESRB titles

My production piece is a video game produced for Playstation 3, but can also be played on Xbox 360, and Wii. This game’s main purpose is to entertain, and it is aimed at the age group of ‘teen’ which is considered unsuitable for children under 13yrs of age. I decided this would be an appropriate age group as the game is about ‘Free Running’ which is a sport, but can sometimes be dangerous, and risky, and also can be considered rebellious and outside of the law.

The category ‘teen’ may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humour, and minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or the frequent use of strong language. I felt this was the correct age limit for my game.

The game is based in major cities of the world, and the main object of the game is to ‘Free Run’ throughout these cities, across obstacles, using skill, speed, and competing ‘on-line’ against other opponents.

My target audience is teenagers, and mostly male, so I have designed a cover that is in line with this group.

When thinking about the design of my packaging for my game, I considered my audience, and what they would want from a game.

I looked at 1 other sporty type game that were on the market already, Tony Hawks and I also looked at a ‘free running’ film called District 13. I noticed that:

Both had scenes of cities, cars, roads, buildings
The typography was sharp, bold, and more masculine
The font was large and bold
Both had males on the cover
Both had the feel of action
One was a ‘teen’ game and one was an 18 rated film, so there were slight differences.

I have worked independently on this product and I have found it quite hard. I have had support from my teacher on using IT skills. I used photoshop, blogging, and internet for this product.

I feel my product does fulfill its purpose because it has been successful and I have achieved my goal of producing a game package, blog and sketches.